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A Tribute To A Legend Muhammad Ali (1942 - 2016)

By Shibesh Duwadi

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Muhammad Ali 1942 - 2016

“I'd like to be remembered as a black man who won the heavyweight title and who was humorous and who treated everyone right. As a man who never looked down on those who looked up to him and who helped as many of his people as he could — financially and also in their fight for freedom, justice, and equality.”

One of the most iconic sporting personalities of the 20th century tragically passed away on Friday(06-03-2016) at the age of 74. The news triggered a worldwide outpouring of affection and admiration for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

I don't normally follow or have liked boxing, however, I do know that Ali was so much more than just a boxer. He was a leader, a motivator, a figure worshiped by millions of people all around the world. He was truly the best at what he did. What made him stand out from others who claim to be the best is that every one of his competitors had no hesitation in admitting that he was the best. A true athlete who stopped at nothing until he reached the very top of the world.

Ever since he started out, he was seen as someone who had no fear of speaking his mind. He was always ready to take a chance. Along with his renowned reputation as a fighter, Ali was also a humanitarian. He spoke out multiple times against racism, warfare, and religious intolerance. Remember, during that era, the civil rights movement was ongoing in America. For the African Americans to have their role-model spearhead their fight against racism was worth more that his weight in gold.

We all know about the current situation in Syria and Palestine. The Islamic nation is in warfare. Millions of people have lost their lives. It has gone way too far now, so much so that the terrorist group ISIS have started targeting the leading European nations. That has caused the general people to despise Muslims and Islam as a religion. Even in his last few years, Ali still tried to be the voice of reason. He was a voice for Muslims that was more accepted by many Americans than the voices of other Muslims. He helped people understand that ISIS and Muslims were different people and that terrorism isn't a part of the Muslim culture.

Ali stood up for what he believed in at a time when it was not very popular to do so. He became a role-model for millions of people with his actions inside the ring as well as outside it. That is why he has such a widespread following. Whether or not you like boxing as a sport or not, you just have to take your hat off to honor his spirit and his heart.

The word "Legend" has been overused so much that it has lost its specialty. However, the word has never been more appropriate to describe a human being than with Muhammad Ali. The World has truly lost a legend.

May his soul rest in peace.