Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

A Reason to Live

By Alisha Pathak

With scattered things and dirt everywhere, messy was too soft a word to describe the room of Roy. Roy came to London from his town with an aim of becoming a writer. But his writing career didn’t even start off and he couldn’t earn any money. And just like that, he was one of those many people who decided to commit suicide. He sold all the furniture that was in his room. He took his car and started to drive up to the mountains when suddenly, his car hit a girl, Evana. Dutifully, he took her to the hospital. Her leg was fractured and she was very concerned about not being able to go to work. So, she told Roy to work in her place at the coffee shop for a week. After working the whole day, whatever he earned, he used to give it all to her in the evening. And so they used to meet every day after he finished his job in a coffee shop. In one short week, they were in love with each other. But there was one serious problem. Evana was suffering from brain hemorrhage. She had never told Roy about this. She already had become unconscious many times. One day Roy proposed Evana. On their first date, she became unconscious and was taken to the hospital. There Roy found out that she was going to die. After two days in the hospital, she came back and made Roy promise not to think about suicide again. After her death, she made him promise to marry a beautiful girl, and not to  look back. After few days, Roy saw her awake for the last time.

Now Roy is married and is a proud father to a daughter, Evana.