Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

A Letter to My Past Self

By Aasha Poudel

Dear Me, I know you are very surprised to find this letter and must be anxiously reading it. It’s a warm hello from you, eight years into the future. You are currently in grade seven and studying your butt off to get good marks. It may sound weird but there are many things I want to tell you. You are very friendly, confident, and easily drawn in many directions. You are enjoying your life doing fun things, hanging out with your friends, and watching anime most of the time. You are doing your best to live up to the expectation of your parents. Everything is super fine with your future self but the only thing that I am worried about now is my studies. So, please be serious as you are now when you are in the future and study your butt off then everything will turn out ok. I know you were very shy when it came to talking to people or making friends. I also remember you being a cry baby who would cry even from a small tease from your classmates. So, you may be wondering how you will make friends who would be so dear to your heart. But don’t worry about it now. As time passes you will be me in the future. You will have overcome your shyness, be laughing in obnoxiously loud voice, and cherishing your precious moments with your dear friends - they are and always will be fierce, loyal, and love you to the moon and back. So, keep smiling and build up your confidence. The thing that I have always regretted is not being close to my sisters. I always ended up fighting or getting into arguments with them. I never opened up myself and let them into my life. So, I'm telling you, spend time with your sisters, go shopping or to the movies, hang out together and try to learn more about them. Open yourself more, sit around and chat with them, just be near them and support them when they are going through hard times and laugh together when there are happy times. I know you will be able to do these things. If I could improve one particular thing for your future self, it would be learning how to cook. I am not really good at cooking but let me tell you it is very important when you find yourself in a situation where you are very hungry and everyone in your family is out. So, please learn how to cook delicious and healthy food for yourself. As I have said there are still many things I want to tell you, but sometimes it’s better not to say and instead learn them along the way in your life. So finally, enjoy your life as years go by. Keep yourself in check with your study, be good to others, be happy, do things that make you feel good and don’t worry about your future because whichever path you may choose in the future, I am sure you will be happy with it. So good luck, worry less, enjoy and live in the moments. From your dear future self, Aasha Poudel