Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

A Letter to My Future Self

By Alisha Pathak

Dear Me, Till date, you have always made me proud of you. You are a brave and an obedient girl to your parents. You have always wanted to do good to your parents. However, things do not always work out as you want them to but it’s fine. Whatever you have done up to now has been really great and it has made me proud. I remember the most embarrassing and ecstatic moments of your life till now. When you were small, you didn’t like having your hair cut short so you used to hide in the bathroom. Although you were a stubborn child, you were dear to your parents as you were the first born child. Once when you were in grade one, your classmate requested you to stay for a sleepover at her house but you refused. However, you had a bet, and unfortunately, you had to go with her. After school, you directly went to her house without informing your parents and they were worried about you. They phoned the school but the teachers told them that you had already left for home. Finally, they found you at your friend’s house and scolded you a lot for not informing them and you felt guilty about it. As you know every human being has some good and bad aspects. You too have some good and bad aspects as well. Talking about your good aspects, you can mingle easily with people and develop a strong bond in a short time. You help the people in need and can do anything for friends. Remember the time when you fought with those people for your friends when you were in college? You are punctual and you hate being late rather you come before time. And now taking about your bad aspects, you get angry easily and have less control over your emotions regardless of knowing that anger can destroy everything. Also, some of your friends have said that you talk as if you are threatening someone and most people don’t like that except those who know you. Your main bad habit is being extremely stubborn in the smallest of things and arguing with your friends in the smallest of matters. You should probably try to get rid of that habit. (Don’t be so stubborn about it.) You had aimed for becoming the CEO of Google. You had a lot more dreams in your life, some were fulfilled and some didn't. Reaching up to this position and gaining success you have suffered a lot. You are a determined girl. Although you faced lots of challenges, you didn’t lose hope and carried on in your life. Now you are a matured and responsible woman. I hope this letter makes you as happy when you read this as I am writing this. I love you. (You already know it but I know you could also use a reminder.) Affectionately yours, Alisha Pathak