Tue, 25 Jun, 2024


By Sushil Awale

Every day, she walks the same road,

A student with high hopes.

Friends, Family – everyone loved her,

Looking ahead, she had a bright future.


One day, she walked the same road,

Aspiring to learn from the classroom board.

But, someone’s got an eye her,

Waiting to pounce when there are no others.


Another day, she walked the same road,

A water balloon hit her bold.

She looked back – wet and angry,

Saw some kids, running in a hurry.


Next day, she walked the same road,

To celebrate Holi in her college court.

Colors, water, and food – she had fun,

It continued until the sun had gone.


She walked the same road,

Thinking what to say to her mom.

But, he was hiding in the corner,

And, pounced on her as there were no others.


His face, covered with Holi colors,

Hit her with a beer bottle.

A colorful day turned black for her,

She lost what she treasured.


Remembering those Holi colors,

Life seemed black for her.

Society discriminated her,

Friends, family were ashamed of her.


Next Holi, she walked the same road,

She wasn’t a girl who had given up hope.

If I walked down the same road,

I would tell her, “You are an inspiration to the world”