Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

3 Years of Togetherness

By Bimal Gaire

Photo Courtesy: DWIT News On 27th November, 2015 a small celebration took place on the Nuptse hall of DWIT. It was an occasion of 3rd anniversary for batch 2016. They had joined DWIT on 11th of Mangsir, 2069 B.S and are having a wonderful time since. It was one of a kind celebration in DWIT till date. There were 21 students from batch 2016 who are currently studying in the 6th Semester. Due to various reasons the first and the second anniversary weren't celebrated but the students were in no mood to miss this opportunity of celebrating three  long years of togetherness. Students were really happy and had planned this event for a week. For the event, student had collected some money and arranged everything on their own. It was a moment to capture and many of them did so with the clicks of cameras. The joy was unexplainable. [metaslider id=9349]                                       “I am really happy for all of us. 3 years have gone by and the bond between us is getting quite strong. I can't explain the emotion at the moment. Everybody seems happy and that's is the main aim of this event.”, said Sameer Koirala. One of the participant, Sunil Lamsal said, “I was waiting for this day for a very long time. I am all excited at the moment. Everyone is having a great time. I am already pumped up for the next year's celebration.”