Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

#3 Where’s Sushil? – The Narayani Meeting Room, DWIT

By Sushil Awale

Picture Courtesy: Sushil Awale This week I’m at the Narayani Meeting Room. This room is located on the first floor of building one in Deerwalk premises. The meeting room, just like other meeting rooms at Deerwalk, is named after a river in Nepal. This meeting room is mainly used for club meetings by the students, but it is equally used by college administrators. The Narayani Meeting Room is a small room located in the quite part of the Deerwalk premises which can house from 8 to 10 people, making it a perfect place for conducting meetings. The building one which consists of mainly administrative offices is usually not populated by the students. The meeting room consists of an oval table surrounded by wooden chairs. However, the table only covers half the room. The other half, which is segregated by a simple round arch, is not used. It is currently being used as a storeroom with a couple of drawers. Currently, there is no future plan to utilize this space. DSC_0030(1) The meeting room is open during the college hours and is available only with prior booking. Among the students, only the presidents of various clubs and class representatives have the right to book the meeting room. The alternative to this meeting room is the Sagarmatha Hall which is available to all the students with prior booking. There is a white board on one of its wall which can come in handy for a meeting. However, the board is not well-maintained, and there is a lack of writing resources as well. The meeting room’s windows open up to a small balcony which is rarely used. On the opposite side of the meeting room lies the Campus Chief’s Office. This meeting room was previously on the ground floor of the building, but later it was shifted up. The meeting room previously hosted the account section which has now been shifted to the ground floor making it convenient for the people to find the account section. DWIT has a total of 12 active clubs conducting events and activities throughout the academic year. The clubs had been demanding for a designated meeting room, and the Narayani Meeting Room was created. DWIT has always tried to impart professional culture among the students and providing a space for the students to discuss and plan for the various events certainly makes a significant contribution. “Where’s Sushil?” is series started by one of our reporters Sushil Awale. The series explores different places in Deerwalk campus and informs DWIT students and Non-DWIT audience providing them with the description, facts, and features of the covered places.