Sun, 26 May, 2024

#2 Where's Sushil? - The Sagarmatha Hall, DWIT

By Sushil Awale

Picture Courtesy: Dipal Malla, Sushil Awale 

This week I’m at the Sagarmatha Hall. This hall is located on the topmost floor of building 3 on Deerwalk campus. The Sagarmatha Hall is the only hall on Deerwalk campus and is used for almost all the college and club events, seminars, meetings, and orientations.

The Sagarmatha hall is spread out over the entire floor space of the building 3 on the fourth floor. There are four entrances to this hall – two on the north side, one on the south side and one on the west side. However, the south gate is the most used entrance to this hall. On the east side of the hall is the stage which stretches from the east wall up to the south entrance gate. There is a backstage entrance to the stage as well. This hall can easily accommodate about 200 people. Currently, this hall is segregated into two by detachable boards. One of the section includes the stage and is used for events, while the other contains desks arranged in U-shape, making it perfect for conducting meetings. However, these desks are rearranged according to an event’s needs. This section of the hall is currently being used every Monday for Open House sessions for prospective students of batch 2020. SagarmathHallSushil The main section of the hall – consisting of the stage, is the most used section for college and club events. Deer Express Club’s DeerTalk is conducted weekly in this hall. Similarly, project presentations, orientations, and other various college and club events are hosted in this hall. The first program conducted in this hall is Graduation of Batch 2015 and DeerUtsav 2.0 on March 13th, 2016. Before March 13th, the Sagarmatha Hall didn’t exist and instead there were two separate halls in this floor – Lhotse Hall and Nuptse Hall. But, as DWIT grew so did the need for a bigger hall that could accommodate the growing family of DWIT. So, the Lhotse Hall and Nuptse Hall were merged together to create the Sagarmatha Hall. The Sagarmatha Hall has a portable, multi-purpose white board which is used both as a white board and a white screen for projectors. The projector is mounted on the ceiling in front of the stage which can be accessed from the control area near the south gate. The control area also consists of a mixer for controlling the sound system in the hall. In a college like Deerwalk, where extracurricular activities are in abundant and important, a multipurpose hall is a necessity and the Sagarmatha hall is delivering just that.

“Where’s Sushil?” is a series started by one of our reporters Sushil Awale. The series explores different places in Deerwalk campus and informs DWIT students and Non-DWIT audience providing them with description, facts, and features of the covered places.