Sat, 04 Feb, 2023

Get To Know 1974 AD

By Sushant Gurung

1974 A.D. is a well known and legendary Nepali  rock band formed in Kathmandu in  early 90’s. It was formed by a group of teachers from Gyanodaya School, who were deeply interested in music. The original lineup of the Band was: Guitarist Phiroj Shyangden, bass guitarist Nirakar Yakthumba, and drummer Bhanu A. In the beginning, they used to cover the songs of  Bryan Adams, Deep Purple and other western rock bands.

Phiroj Shyangden is one of the best guitarists and vocalists  of Nepali music. He is an excellent guitarist, who is well talented in tapping and playing high paced solo with a clean tone. “Time out” was the first album of the band, which was released in 1996. A song named “Mayalule” from their debut album was the biggest hit afterwhich they were able to make a strong impact on the Nepali Music Industry.


In 1998, with new members joining the band, they released their second album named “Samjhi Baschu”.This was also successful in winning the hearts of Nepalese people. “Parelima”, “Samjhi Baschu”, “Timilai piratile” and “Chaubandi Cholo” are some of the popular tracks of the album. 1974 AD fused western music with the traditional Nepali music styles. All of a sudden, in 2008, Phiroj Shyangden left the band, but thanks to his deep love towards music, he rejoined the band in 2012. Band members, Nirakar and Sanjay stated that “Phiroj had never left 1974 AD to begin with. He always was and still is a part of them". 1974 A.D. has been playing different genres of music like Nepali folk, blues, ragas, jazz, rock, etc. Their lyrics range from patriotism, Nepali virtues, unity, love to  nationalism. Due to variation in their music and lyrics, they have been successful in winning the heart of their fans. Most of their albums made it to the top-ten best selling listThey have won many awards, like:
  • Hits FM Music Award 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005
  • San Miguel Music Award 2000
  • Kantipur FM Annual Award 2001,2002,2003 & 2004
  • Image award 2004, 2005
Due to their talent and versatility, 1974 A.D.  is looked upon as an inspiration by the youth, and all the aspiring artists. To get some insider information, we contacted Adrian Pradhan to know more about the band’s current activities, however, the band members are in Dubai for a concert. We hope to get an exclusive interview when they get back!