Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Creation of Dhurmus and Suntali 'Namuna Basti' Completed

By Saras Karanjit

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has handed over the keys of the 'Namuna Basti' (a small community built by Dhurmus Suntali Foundation) to the villagers of Melamchi on Friday. Namuna Basti is an initiation by famous Nepali TV actors Dhurmus(Sitaram Kattel) and Suntali(Kunjana Ghimire). After the devastating earthquake last year, this project has proved to be by far the best relief work done, that too from a non government side. Lying under Melamchi Municipality-8, Giranchaur this Namuna Basti has a total of 63 personal homes, a society house and a guest house. Each house has an approximate cost of around 10 lakhs. President Bidhya Devi Bhandari was really impressed to see how people were getting benefited by this and praised their efforts whole heartedly. She also included that the government too should learn from this and make similar provisions in other places. Dhurmus and Suntali too were very happy to serve people and to bring back the smiles in their faces. Dhurmus Suntali Foundation collected a total fund of around 6 crores and have spent a bit more than 5 crores for this project. They ensured that not a single rupee will go corrupted and they will keep serving the people in the best way they can. The villagers who were handed the homes were really delighted and said Dhurmus and Suntali are now like parents to them.


image: Annuparna post