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By Ashmita Thapa

On 22nd October 2016, the most awaited event of Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Deerfest was celebrated with exhilaration and excitement among all the students.

The previous dynamic duo of Bardhan Gurung and Bidur Bastola was sadly broken up as the hosts for Deerfest 2016 were Bidur Bastola (2017) and Subigya Kumar Nepal (2017). The new duo certainly didn’t disappoint as they delivered an outstanding performance and humored the audience in between the performances. The fest was divided into two halves. The first half included dance, music, drama, an award ceremony and lots of humor whereas the second part included both outdoor and indoor games. The program kick started with a welcome dance by Nabina Khadka (2019) followed by a wonderful performance by Shibesh Duwadi (2018) and Bishal Timalsina (2018); an instrumental song called "Start" by “Depapepe”. The highlight of the event was the DeerAwards-2016 which is a yearly award ceremony in which the students voted for their friends in different categories and the students with the most votes in each category were announced winners. That was immediately followed by a short satirical skit which left the audience in a fit of laughter. The event ended with an energetic dance from students of batch 2019.

A lunch of burger and fries was served at 1 pm.

The second part of the event mostly involved outdoor games. An intense tug-of-war tournament resulted in the guys from batch 2019 winning the battle of strengths by beating all of their senior batches. There were many other competitions such as Food Eating , darts, carom, table tennis, minute to win it and hula hoop. The event which attracted the most audience was no doubt the Food Eating contest. 12 students/teachers/staff members went head to head in 5 different food-eating contest; bitter gourd (karela) juice, hard boiled eggs, chili, lemon and boiled potatoes. The batch of 2019 again displayed their competitiveness as Dhiraj Dhungana (2019), Saurav Bhandari (2019), Binod Aryal (2017), Takdir Bartaula (2019) and Sushil Awale (2019) won in the respective events.

Another major attraction of the fest was e-gaming. E-gaming was introduced to the Deerfest for the first time in DWIT's history. Five separate tournaments were conducted for five different games - Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Fifa, Mini Militia, and Need for Speed. The gaming enthusiasts were going at it all day long trying to come out on top.

The day ended in style with a generous serving of delicious Mo:Mos which was made by Deerwalk Foods Inc., along with the help of volunteers from DWIT. Thus, an eventful and exciting day came to an end. It was by far the best and the most enjoyable Deerfest that the college has conducted till date. Credit goes to all the members of the organizing committee who made the event possible and to the volunteers and performers who kept us all entertained throughout the day.

Image: Sneha Parajuli