Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Trainings In DWIT

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

DWIT has a dedicated training department with Mr. Pravin Thapaliya as the head of the department. The training courses started from December of 2015 and till date over 200 students have enrolled in the courses that have been provided. The DWIT Training department has run 4 courses; Java, PHP, .NET and R programming. The teachers for the courses are as follows: Java:

  • Dinesh Amatya
  • Prakash Bhatta
  • Saroj Neupane
  • Ganesh Regmi
  PHP/ Laravel framework:
  • Sujit Baniya
  • Sweta Karna
  • Rajendar Gyawali
  R training:
  • Gokul Bhandari
The department focuses mainly on Java in which 14 training courses have already been completed. "With many students enrolling in courses and many students inquiring about the courses, DWIT is likely to be popularly known as the Java Training College”, says Mr. Thapaliya. Currently, Java training is ongoing for the 15th batch along with training on PHP/Laravel framework. The ongoing PHP/Laravel framework is the second training provided by the college. The first training was held on basic PHP. Then the course was re-designed to PHP/Laravel framework. The next target of the department is to run classes on Android after the festival of Tihar. For this, the department is currently working on the course design and teacher selection. The students who perform the best in Java, selected on the basis of class performance and projects, get job opportunities at Deerwalk. Till date around 15 to 20 students have been interviewed and five people have been selected for the jobs. The students of the current batch, as well as the passed out students of Java, have also been given a 4-hour course in Android.   All the courses under DWIT training department, run for three months, except for PHP/ Laravel framework which runs for two and a half months. There are 10 to 16 students in a batch and there is a new batch of students every two to three weeks. To apply for these courses the interested students call the department. They are then counseled by the head of the department. The students find out about these courses from the college website, Facebook page and through previous batches. The students also come in groups from different colleges. Till date the training department has had students from Advanced College, CITE, Kantipur City College, Pokhara University, St. Xavier’s College, IOE/WRC, Kathford College, Nobel College, Nepal Engineering College, Jama Hardard University, Kantipur Engineering College, and LBEF. The training takes place five days a week; Monday to Friday and in two shifts; 7 to 9 in the morning and 3 to 5 or 4 to 6 in the afternoons. The students in the training get separate access to internet and tea/coffee. They can also use the canteen facility of the college. The students in the courses have stated the college environment to be the most pleasing factor of the training. The ample space, beautiful grounds and the opportunities of making contacts with professionals at Deewalk are a plus point. The students also like the two-way feedback form system where the students give feedback on the teachers and vice versa. Each course has a total fee of Rs. 20000 except PHP with has the total fee of Rs. 15000. Further information about the training can be obtained from link below: