Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Skydiver Jumped Without a Parachute and Survived

By Sweekriti Gautam


Skydiver Luke Aikins jumped from an airplane from a height of 25,000 without a parachute and survived. After two minutes, he flipped onto his back to the land. But, how did he perform such a heart-stopping stunt? Some might think it as a miracle.

Aikins’ helmet provided him GPS alerts throughout the dive and the alert lights were visible from the altitude of more than 25,000 feet. If turned red then the light indicates that he is out of the track and the white light indicates that he is on the track. The skydiver brought his arms back along his body in a process called tracking. He then glided himself forward which directed his body towards the center of the net. The net was made up of polyethylene cord that is twice as strong as steel. The skydiver fell on his back on the net which absorbed his fall and provided him a soft fall. Basically, t allowed him to survive. He relayed on two indicators to make certain that he was falling directly over the fly trap and they were GPS and the light indicators.