Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

The Lady With the Light

By Sweekriti Gautam

Sarah was different from children of her age. She enjoyed playing alone. Sometimes she used to make imaginary friends and play with them. Her parents were worried about this activity. Her mother worked as an elementary school teacher and used to guide Sarah in her studies. Sarah had a younger brother who could not give her a company to play.

One night when her dad returned from the office he said that they had to shift to a nearby town. They all were excited to begin their journey in a new place. Their cottage was near a deep jungle and there was a church right next to their cottage. There weren't any children of her age there. When her school was off she used to stay alone at the house staring at the clouds.

Sarah's mom used to take her to the bed every night. One night she was having difficulty in sleeping. She kept rolling in the bed. The owl was howling in the woods and the cold breeze was blowing. Suddenly, she heard a melodious voice from the window. She rushed towards the window and saw a lady dressed in white, with a candle in her hand, moving towards the church.

The next morning, during the breakfast time Sarah explained to her parents what she saw. But, they barely believed her. She started to speak with the lady every night and listen to her melodious voice. Her parents noticed a change in her. Sarah's dad went to the church to find out about the lady. The priest in the church said that not only his daughter but other people from the town had noticed her. She was once an usher at the church. She used to carry a light with her and sing melodious songs all her way to the church. One day she got knocked down by a car and died immediately there. Although, they knew the truth they never spoke about it to their daughter. They thought it was the right thing to do, as their daughter seemed happier and brighter.