Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Stable Instability In Nepal

By Giriraj Khatri

Photo Courtesy: Republica

The coalition government led by KP Oli is in certain to come to halt after CPN - Maoists center decided to withdraw its support. Mr. Oli had had an opportunity to be the prime minister of the country only nine months ago. However, there are minor hopes for the continuity of his government if he can win the vote of no confidence filed against him in the parliament. This change of prime minister in such a short duration is not a new thing for Nepal after the abolishment of monarchy in the country.

The Prime Ministers before the reign of Oli also hadn’t been able to survive for more than a year. After the establishment of the provision that the opposition party would be allowed to go for a vote of confidence only once in two years, people had a belief that at least the government would be stable for that period. However, our politicians in opposition always find a way to topple the government if their requirements are not fulfilled. The government is always vulnerable of being overruled as they are formed on a very weak base. Even before the formation of the government, the political party taking charge has long criteria to be fulfilled to gain the support of another party to form a government. The distributions of ministries, chairpersons in different constitutional bodies and appointing ambassadors for different countries are major divisions to be made among different parties before forming the government. Besides these, there are thousands of unknown conditions put forward. When the government is built to fulfill the party’s interest rather than nation’s interest then we cannot expect them to last longer than a year. Within this time frame, almost all the vested interest of the party gets fulfilled and the ruling party will deny accepting further request leading to the downfall of the government.

When the parliament votes to elect the prime minister of the country, with the current state our parliament is in, people can easily question the intention behind the vote. The best alternative is to have the people elect a head of state. It may either be the prime minister or the president. We are only concerned about a government who can work for the betterment and development of the country. We want that person to become the head of our state who believes in national sovereignty and prosperity rather than the individuals or parties prosperity. Until and unless we do not go for people’s election, it seems that we will never have the stable government.

Thousands of people had gathered to show their support to the KP Oli government a few days ago at Maitighar Mandala and when questioned why they replied that they were more in favor of a stable government. People were so enthusiastic despite the downpour of heavy rain. All these proves that the country’s desperate desire of a stable government.

Stability is one of the most important infrastructures of development. When will our politicians understand it? When will the politicians understand each other and form a national consensus government that will work for the benefit of the nation?