Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Revolution 2020: Book Review

By Shreeya Pandey

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Revolution 2020 is a famous Chetan Bhagat novel which depicts a love triangle set against the backdrop of corrupt engineering society.

Chetan Bhagat has very well portrayed the life of students having different aspirations in life. Gopal, who happens to be the son of a poor school teacher falls in love with a beautiful and rich girl Aarti .However, for Aarti Gopal is only her best friend with whom she could talk her heart out and share all her feelings with? Raghav, Gopal’s childhood friend happens to be a rich guy but with a golden heart. Though Gopal and Raghav were preparing for their IIT entrance exam, they both had different aspirations. Raghav’s dream was to be a journalist and fight for corruption whereas Gopal wanted to be rich.

Revolution 2020 as the name suggests provides a solution to the youths in reducing corruption and to bring a revolutionary change. The author has clearly stated the exploited Indian Education system due to corruption. Gopal’s cribbing about not getting enough marks to get enrolled in engineering and most of us may have crossed that path in our lives. So , the fate of our lives is chosen according to the ranks we get rather than we ourselves choosing it.

Thus, the protagonist Gopal settles his own business with the help of an MLA. So he pays bribes to everyone he comes across to keep the engineering college running from government officials. Thus, he finally achieves his dream of becoming rich.

On the other hand, Raghav becomes rich and successful business journalist and starts his own newsletter called Revolution 2020.  As for Aarti, she is caught between the love of both her friends, switches from one to another due to the twists that arise in the story. The three friends then resolve the ending wherein Aarti gets married to Raghav whereas Gopal moves ahead for their happy future life.

I feel that in the end, Gopal getting Aarti would have never made him realize his mistake about his corrupted life which was surely not the plot for revolution 2020 as truth always wins in the end.