Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Nepalese Health Depends On Fake Certificates of Doctors

By Shreeya Pandey

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The medical field is regarded as one of the most prominent and vital fields in the context of our country. It requires lots of knowledge, patience, and hard work. Since it is all about dealing with human life, and one wrong decision could be fatal, there is no room for trial and error. Nepal as a country was very slow in becoming digitized. Until a few years ago, everything was stored manually in files. In those days, producing fake certificates was very simple for those who had cash to burn. Nowadays, after the introduction of digitized records, the trend of producing fake certificates is slowly coming to an end. However, as we found out last week, the damage was done beforehand.

Central Investigation Bureau had launched an operation 'Quack' to point out medical professionals who had  allegedly obtained medical degrees and license from Nepal Medical Council(NMC).

Recently, raids at reputed hospitals, clinics, and medical schools have ended up in handcuffing 36 medical professionals. It is believed that the suspects had presented fake medical degrees while applying for work. According to Central Investigation Bureau, these suspects have been charged with forgery and have to spend 5 years in jail if found guilty.

Apart from this, the other doctors present there were protesting about the indignity of this raid whereas the patients and the local people around were restless and appalled. They had the fear of seeking any further treatments after learning about this scandal.

Nepal medical association has also condemned the action taken by the Nepalese Police.

As said earlier,  being a doctor is not an easy task . It requires lots of patience, calmness, and hard work but once somebody becomes a doctor, that person should be dedicated and honest in his or her work.

Apart from this, establishing faith in people is not an easy task. Once the faith gets crumbled or broken,it is difficult to reinvigorate. So, any such practices which destroy the faith that people have in doctors should not be followed. Therefore, only capable doctors must be allowed to practice medicine so that the quality of medical science does not decrease.