Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Change Of Entrance Gate; Was It A Mistake?

By DWIT News

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

How often have you seen the main entrance of an organization change? Once, twice, thrice or more. Here at Deerwalk Institute of Technology, the main entrance has been changed thrice in eight months for administrative comfortability. It may have surely lead to easiness but the advantage and disadvantage of a single action can only be determined by the final balance of opinion. DWIT faculty, students and services personnel seemed confused and frustrated from the recent change in entrance gate. The whole institute was in chaos for a while which led the administration to release an apology email.

There were many grumbles and fumbles among the students. One of the student who when promised that his/her name will not be mentioned stated, “Many students, as well as employees from Deerwalk Services, have been visiting Didiko pasal (An eatery near Deerwalk complex) which may have caused loss for Deerwalk Foods so they may have decided to close the Eastern gate as the access to the location would be difficult then.” Sabin Pathak, a student  from DWIT also expressed his frustration, “It was really a great fuss. The new entrance was opened without a proper plan. The route was all slushy and the motorbike was out of balance. This clearly showed lack of appropriate planning.” Surendra Nath Adhikari, principal of DWIT accepted that the entrance was changed without detailed planning. “The entrance will definitely change but with proper maintenance now.” He furthermore clarified that the administration was compelled to switch the entrance as the outlet of the Eastern gate lacked space for the turning of Deerwalk vehicles, especially for the buses. The institute has been using a piece of land owned by Pashupati Mitra Campus. He also added that the byway that connects to the main road was lengthier and narrower in comparison to the present outlet. Utkrista KC says, “The new entrance will lengthen my distance and it will compel me to leave home earlier than before.” Kriston Pal also agreed on the same when DWIT News reached to collect his opinion. “The very first day of introduction of the new entrance was a whole lot messy. With all the mud, the path was slippery and it was difficult to walk or even cross on a bike. If they wanted to change then they should have done with appropriate planning.”, adds Abhishek Kadariya. Pravin Thapalia who has been working as a training coordinator at DWIT for more than 6 months now added that it was an initiative to connect Deerwalk Sifal School and Deerwalk Complex. Deerwalk Sifal School is newly acquired property by Deerwalk. When the Deerwalk Security Team was contacted, they stated, “It usually takes time to get accustomed to new things. All the fuss about yesterday was also a result of this.” They seemed to be comfortable with the change. “Deerwalk has been growing and it’s one way to show the neighbors that if Deerwalk wants, then they can expand. It’s useless and wrong approach taken to boast themselves”, stated the person who wanted to stay anonymous. Changes are vital for an institute to grow but some changes need serious planning. Changes introduced should be smooth and digestible to all. Smooth changes are key factors in determining the maturity of an organization.