Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Which Team Are You Supporting This Euro Cup?

By Shreeya Pandey

Football has undoubtedly become the most popular game across the globe in the 21st Century. People rejoice watching matches and supporting their favorite teams whether it be international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, The Euro Cup or league tournaments like Premier League, La Liga, etc.

The Euro cup 2016 has commenced from the 10th June and the Nepalese community is as passionate about it as anyone else.

DWIT news asked few people the following question:

Which team are you supporting and why?

Which player do you think will shine and why?

Let’s see what they had to say :

"Football is a beautiful game. The Euro 2016 brings together many great football teams to compete in a wonderful tournament. I am a strong supporter of the German Football team since many years. I like their style of play. They are just a dominating team with a tenacity to create chances and score goals with beautiful precision as well as defend with aggression.

The key players that really get the team motivated and the fans cheering, in my opinion, are Manuel Neur(GK), Mats Hummels(DEF), Thomas Muller(FOR). They are always a delight to see and their plays are awesome. The thing I'm most disappointed about is that one of my favorites - Marco Reus will miss this year's tournament due to injury. He is an amazing player and fans across the world are disappointed.

Finally, I would like to say that this year, the Belgium Football Team is also looking good and they have many young talented players.

This is the UEFA EURO 2016 in which anything can happen."

  • Kundan Shumsher Rana, DWIT(Batch 2016)

"Well, I am a big supporter of English football and have been supporting England ever since I was 10. What excites me this year is that England has a perfect blend of young talents and experience. And I think they have a real shot at winning the competition.

I think Wayne Rooney is the player to look out for in this tournament. He has a whole lot of experience and has been in a tremendous form lately. With his creative play as a number 10, he can create so many chances for Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy as well as score for himself. Although he is a versatile player and has proven himself on many occasions in the past, he has a big opportunity to shine in this tournament as a player and a captain for England."

  • Bimal Gaire, DWIT(batch 2016)

"I am a supporter of the German team. I have its jersey as well. They are great to watch.

Ozil has the capacity to lead and change the game at anytime so I think he will shine this time."

  • Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, DWIT

"I am a big supporter of Spain and have been supporting them since I was a kid. Also, I feel that the Spanish team has a good strategy.

In terms of players, I think Ronaldo and Pogba are gonna stand out as they are hardworking, talented and possess marvelous strength."

  • Dhiraj Dhungana , DWIT(Batch 2019)

"I am supporting England as I am one of the biggest fans of David Beckham, who used to play for the same team.

I feel that Dele Alli will rise and shine as he is an emerging player who is equally talented and also has wonderful ball control."

  • Sulav Prasain, DWIT(Batch 2019)

"I am supporting England out of sympathy as they have not won a major competition for a very long time. Let’s see if they can do better this time.

I feel Euro Cup 2016 should belong to Jamie(Vardy) as he has been flying throughout the Premier leagues and also created a history of scoring in eleven consecutive Premier League matches."

  • Hitesh Karki, DWIT

"I am supporting the German football team as I am one of its biggest fans. Also, I like their coordination while playing.

Although I support the German team, I think Cristiano Ronaldo would stand out as he has had a wonderful experience of playing football and also his techniques in scoring a goal are quite impressive."

  • Bishnu Prasad Tiwari, Pulchowk Campus

"I am supporting Germany as it has got great players like Ozil, Muller, Mario who played really well during the world cup. This team has the best defending and attacking players as well.

Also, the coordination among the players is quite impressive.

I think Christiano Ronaldo will shine because he has been stronger this season. Fresh from winning the UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid, I think he'll be full of confidence and raring to go."

  • Dinesh Dhakal, St. Xavier’s College