Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Love And Football

By Alisha Pathak

Picture Courtesy: After heavy raining for a week, the sun came finally came up. The sunny day brought brightness in Ronnie’s face as he had been waiting to play football. Ronnie was passionate about football and wanted to be a professional football player. He was playing on the college team.

Sophie was also fond of football, and she always watched Ronnie play football without being noticed by him. Sophie and Ronnie were studying in the same college and were classmates but Sophie was a shy and quiet girl and she never had the courage to talk to her. Sophie and Ronnie had totally contrasting personality and he never cared enough to notice her.

Sophie also loved playing football and wanted to make football as her career but her parents were against this. So she played football without her parents knowing. She was crazy about football. She watched football games every weekend and followed major tournaments. She played for a local women football team.

Once Ronnie saw Sophie playing football in a local match. He was impressed by her skills and went to talk to her after the match. Sophie was delighted to see Ronnie come to talk to her. Although Ronnie was talking to her, Sophie only heard his voice and not the words. She kept on gazing at him with awe. Ronnie thought Sophie was better than him and asked her if she could teach him some of her techniques.

They frequently started to meet with each other and grew were closer to each other in a short period of time. They shared everything with each other and she told him about her parents and that they were against her playing football. Ronnie was supportive of her and  encouraged her not to be sad and do whatever her heart says.

With the support of Ronnie, Sophie decided to join the college football team without the consent of her parents. With her excellent skills and dedication, she also became the captain of her college football team.

Soon her hard work and dedication started to earn success. Her team won an inter-college football competition. With all the time Ronnie was spending with Sophie, he had fallen in love with her. Ronnie proposed Sophie right after winning the competition. Sophie always had had a crush on Ronnie and without any hesitation, she accepted the proposal.

Ten years later, Ronnie had made it into the men national team and Sophie into the women national team. Both of them had become successful professional football players.

Ronnie and Sophie got married and started a family together. Sophie’s parents were extremely happy and proud of Sophie and at the same time sorry for not allowing her to play football initially.