Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

The Bitter Reality Of Global Warming

By Saras Karanjit

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Being one of the hottest topics for years now, people have finally realized Global Warming is real. Even though the topic is gaining a lot more exposure, there are plenty of questions on people's minds. What is global warming? How did it start? What will happen to humanity? Will the human race become extinct due to our own ignorance? Well, some of these are questions we’ll never have answers to. The earth's temperature has rapidly increased since the beginning of the industrial age. Global warming is a natural event but has been helped considerably by humans.

Today, the quality of the atmosphere has been irreversibly damaged by our own deeds. People all around the world have started realizing the effects of global warning. The summers are getting longer and the change in seasons has been very irregular and sporadic. From deaths due to excessive heat to lives being washed away by floods, the symptoms of this dreadful reality have taken people by surprise. The main reason behind global warming is the enhanced greenhouse effect. There are a lot of other factors that directly or indirectly affect the cause but greenhouse effect has been taken as the major reason for global warming. Though greenhouse gasses are necessary to maintain a certain temperature for human beings to survive, excessive production of these gasses can affect the planet in a very bad way.

With the earth's average temperature gradually but significantly increasing, experts have declared global warming as one of the biggest threat to the existence of life on the earth. In many places, we have seen alternatives being put up and used. This rate though is very low and is not helping the cause in an effective way. People have not taken this issue as seriously as they should be. They are living in the present and thinking only about themselves. With this ignorance continuing, the signs of threat from nature will definitely increase in the near future.

It's not that global warming has got out of hand. We can still prevent it from harming us in future and by we, it means everybody. Control in the production of harmful greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane can help reduce the cause by a considerable amount. People might be unaware but many small daily things that they do may be contributing to the increase in earth's temperature. Hence, everyone needs to be aware of the consequences that global warming can bring and should step a foot forward for their children's children and their future.