Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

World Environment Day-ICIMOD

By Shreeya Pandey

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World Environment Day, which is celebrated every year on June 5, raises awareness among people globally to take positive action towards the environment in order to protect our mother earth . Given below is an informal talk with my father regarding World Environment and its significance at ICIMOD, where he currently works.

How is World Environment Day celebrated in general ?

In general, World Environment Day helps to promote the ways that can be adopted to improve the environment, for instance investing in more forest cover, finding ways to protect our wild life, means to improve air quality, cleanup campaigns. Organizations celebrate in their own ways. Many hold activities that range from organizing various programs such as art competition, talk show, cycle rally, walkathon, poster exhibition on environment etc.

How important is World Environment Day for ICIMOD ?

As an organization working on environmental issues, World Environment Day is a significant day in the calendar for ICIMOD. It is one of the avenues that ICIMOD uses to advocate on environmental issues and also to build awareness.

How is ICIMOD celebrating World Environment Day ?

ICIMOD is celebrating the occasion by holding a photo exhibition on Climate + Change, a launch of the ICT for Mountain Development Award. There are other activities like inter-school art/drawing competition held among school students, tree plantation campaigns, publication of news articles related to pressing the current issue, and support to various celebrations in the regional member countries.

Any specific environment-friendly implementation in the office this time ?

Through Eco-club, ICIMOD tries to reduce the usage of plastic bags in daily activities and would like to promote the use of Eco-friendly bags inside the premises and also for outside use, e.g. shopping. Placement of appropriate and separate bins in office premises - bio-degradable and recyclable for waste - is also being worked out. (I think we should also have something like this or other environment-friendly practices applied in Deerwalk, How about making Deerwalk polythene bag free to get started?)

How are you involved in World Environment Day ?

On the occasion of World Environment Day, for the last 2 years, ICIMOD has been launching the call for ICT for mountain development award - an award that recognizes innovation in information and communication technology, including digital content, mobile app, web app etc. that promote mountain development and environmental conservation. I am also involved in managing this activity from the call to finding the winners. (This could be very thought provoking for students like us at Deerwalk, maybe get ready for next time !)