Fri, 24 May, 2024

Open Letter To Prime Minister Oli

By Ashmita Kunwar

Respected Prime Minister KP Oli,

I have never been into politics and I have no idea what it means to take responsibility for the entire nation, therefore, I cannot directly blame you for every bad deed in our country. But yes, I know that power comes with responsibility and you need to be capable enough to balance these two things in an appropriate way that would satisfy most of the Nepalese.

Through this letter, I simply would like to mention what we common people think of our Prime Minister.

Do you know how popular you are in Google? I must say that you are very widely held in Google with the title of  “KP Oli Jokes”. Have you ever tried to find out why people make fun of you? People treat you as a means of entertainment. It is not the case that you don’t have supporters (you do), but when we compare between two, most of the people I personally know, mention you in a negative light rather than in a  positive one. People don’t trust what you say and they take it as a speech of a politician who is habituated in doing so for his entire life.

This is the result of your high aimed dreams which sometimes seem to be impossible to Nepalese people. You need to begin your work by solving the everyday problems  and make our life a bit easier and after that, you can think of pursuing your big dreams. People relate you with the quote “Empty vessel makes the loudest sound”, which means you do nothing but keep on promising to do this and that. You need to think before you speak. You should not hurt the sentiment of your people. So, please speak only of things that are possible in the immediate future. It does not mean that you should stop dreaming and sharing your ideas but before announcing them to the public make sure that you do some research on the topics, discuss with your committee and only then announce the ideas.

You are the head of this country. You have the power to utilize it properly in order to heal the pain of old mothers whose sons are dead in the gulf countries, help those that are trapped in a foreign nation, rescue the girls who are being trafficked, help the earthquake victims who are homeless and so on. You said you will  provide clean drinking water, train, gas pipeline in all the houses, but today, I CHALLENGE YOU. CAN YOU DO A SIMPLE TASK? FIX ALL THE MUDDY ROADS OF KATHMANDU  WITHIN 6 MONTHS?. If you do this then I along with other fellow Nepalese may believe what you say.

I am not affiliated with any political parties. Every time when a new prime minister gets elected, I want to see in him a genuineness -  a person who is totally devoted to the betterment of his country and his people. A person who would change the scenario of Nepal and would lead us in a positive direction, but unfortunately I do not see that in any politicians. You can be the one if you can put your words into  action. It is said that imaginations and dreams are the greatest power and you have already got it, now transform those into reality.

You can be the one to create opportunities for young people so that they don't need to resort traveling to other countries for work. You can be the one to help the people live with a roof over their head, with good food, and a good lifestyle. You can be the one that would bring peace and development in the country in a way that no one has done before. So, you can choose to be the one to direct Nepal towards development by working practically in order to bring the necessary change. But please don’t just blabber and take such a serious position as a pastime activity.

Your sincere citizen,

Ashmita Kunwar