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Is KP Oli Blabbering Or His Ideas Are Relevant?

By Sweekriti Gautam

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Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli commonly known as K.P Oli is the Prime Minister of Nepal since October 11, 2015. He was elected as the 38th Prime Minister with 338 votes. He is the first Prime Minister under the newly adopted constitution of Nepal. He is an ambitious Prime Minister and has a belief to develop a new Nepal. He has got the support of many youths.  His words are filled with so much ambition that some take it as a blabber whereas  others  find it relevant.  DWIT News club had asked the following question to collect different views regarding Oli's words:

What do you think, is KP Oli only blabbering foolish talks or should he be given time in order to make people realize his relevant ideas?

Development is a long-term process. It can not take place within a single day. We must work hard and be patient. Till now, no Prime Minister after Loktantra had talked about this kind of possibilities and ideas. If Oli is talking, then we must believe in him and support him even though it sounds like a foolish talk. This could be our last chance and should react like throwing an arrow in the dark. If it finds right place, then development is possible.

-Sabin Pathak, Batch of 2018, DWIT

He is just blabbering foolish talks. A wise man's actions should be louder than his words.

-Bishnu Prasad Tiwari, IOE

KP Oli has not promised something that is impossible. Some of the projects that Oli had kept forward  are in progress. In Nepal, most of the activities are  not completed within the mentioned time because we do not have enough resources and manpower. So, we must keep a positive hope and Oli should be given time in order to make people realize his relevant ideas.

-Ayush Raj Sedhai, Batch of 2019, DWIT

I don't know much about the politics but it is KP Oli who made India realize that Nepal is not the puppet of India. Nepal got its first lady president as Bidya Bhandari during his time. He revealed his ambition to own Nepal's own ship to operate it in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. He had also mentioned that the ship will operate with a Nepali flag on it. I think that we have a problem in our thinking because we just complain about different things and even don't have the capacity to give the solution.

-Aashish Karki

The thing is, it's not a bad thing to have a vision but vision seems to be a funny joke if  someone hasn't resumed any initiative regarding that particular vision. Here's a contradictory perception regarding our PM. He is a great dreamer to some people while he is nothing rather a joker to some! Both sorts of people are correct to some extent. As far as my view is concerned, I  praise for good deeds. So the thing is simple for me, if he will be able to live up to his thoughts, I will definitely praise him. But for current scenario, I am not praising him until he hasn't started to work out his dreams, I am not going to be flattered. But I will be admiring and supporting him from my side, the day when I will be feeling that he's living up to his promise. But for now, I don't feel such.

-Suraj Poudel, KIST

Lately, KP Oli has been sharing so many ideas to the public. Those works seem nice to hear but practically it requires the dedication from all politicians together which is unlikely to happen. Moreover due to the generation gap in the public, the ideas KP Oli has been speaking is more understood by the middle and young age people rather than those old folks in the assembly hall. Until we get the middle and young age people in the assembly those ideas of our present prime minister are equal to blabbering foolish talks. We can give him more time to showcase his power as a true prime minister but as said there will always be a lack of bridge among the public and government until we filter the people sitting in the assembly with enough brain to listen to the prime minister.

-Suraj Shrestha, Prime College

He is  playing his game, the Politics, which can be viewed as dirty if he fails to do what he said, praiseworthy otherwise. Let's give him time and make opinion afterwards.

-Asmita Bista, Batch of 2016, DWIT

I think the main problem in Nepal's politic is that none of the political parties fully support the government and its project. They all try to demean the government so that they can make the government themselves and start their own project. This cycle continued and it lead to present Nepal where either a project is stopped before implementation or stopped before completion. Hence, I think KP Oli must be given the chance to realize his relevant ideas.

- Sameer Koirala, Batch of 2016, DWIT

I think the way he deals with India and matters related to it shows that he wants to do something big for our country. The speech which he gave already happened in other developed countries and it is not impossible. He is not talking anything foolish. We can hear that the Chinese authority is helping us to do research on petroleum products in Nepal. People have generated electricity from the wind. Yes, it has already been done in our neighboring country. We can have our own ships as before Mahendra had in 2025s. But at the same time, he should be concerned about the basic needs of the people. It has been more than one year but the Earthquake victims have not got a proper shelter. He should also be thinking about the proper implementation of the new constitution.

- Mohan Singh Bomrel, Batch of 2017, DWIT

He is blabbering, no doubt. Others in past blabbered too but the only difference is his "blabbers" uses language that is understood by one and all. So his is a "smart" blabbering.

- Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer, DWIT