Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Alternatives to Coffee

By Alisha Pathak

Photo I think the most hateful and worst thing in life is to get up early in the morning; whether to go to work or to school. Many people are habituated to coffee for making them alive in the morning. Coffee is useful for our health. Coffee helps to stimulate our central nervous system, elevate our mood, and increase our alertness. However, with heavy consumption of coffee, it may reduce sensitivity in us. Here are few ways to wake up in the morning without coffee:

  1. Find the light:
Melatonin is a hormone secreted by our brain and critical in regulating our sleep. Melatonin is secreted more during the night and production of melatonin drops in the light. So exposure to light helps in decreasing the melatonin level and makes us active. Also, natural sunlight alerts our clock to wake up better in the morning.
  1. Cold shower:
Cold shower activates the component of brain which makes us feel alert and increase the metabolic rate. While warm waters make us more relaxed and lethargic, cold water is best for us to get up early and make us alert and refresh all day.
  1. Hydrate yourself:
As we know 60% of our body is covered by water, and hence it needs to maintain that proportion. While sleeping we breathe, sweat, etc. which dehydrates us. Even a mild dehydration decreases alertness, increases fatigue and affects the mental concentration. So grab a glass of water in the morning to replenish the fluid and drink water throughout the day to make our mind alert.
  1. Healthy breakfast:
 Healthy breakfast is very important to our health. The meal, high in sugar like a doughnut, decreases our mental alertness but the meal high in fiber like oat helps to maintain the mental alertness for a longer period of time.
  1. Physical activity:
Some physical activity in the morning enhance our brain. Physical activity increases our blood flow and provide the brain with oxygen and increases mental performance. Hippocampus which is a part of the brain for learning also becomes highly active.
  1. Listen to music:
Music increases activities in the region of our brain associated with movement and demotion and potentially increase the feel good chemical Dopamine throughout our body.  Source: ASAP Science