Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Love Catalyst: A Book

By Book Club

Ashim and Rachana are very happy today. Why would they not be? They are getting married. They are perfect for each other. The credit for bringing these “made for each other” together goes to a book.   

Both Ashim and Rachana were in same class at an Entrance Preparation Institute for engineering. Rachana really wanted to join engineering in IOE, Pulchowk (Country’s best engineering college). The competition was tough, out of 15,000 students only 420 get selected every year and Rachana was determined to get into it. She always came early and sat on the first bench. On another hand, Ashim always came late and sat in the last bench. Rachana did not give much thought about him.

One day during the break Rachana was talking to her friend about a new book that just got out and she wanted to read it very much. Then out of nowhere Ashim entered the conversation by saying “I have that book. If you are that desperate for reading that book I can give it to you”. Rachana did not want to borrow a book from people whom she really did not know but it was her favorite author so she asked Ashim to give her the book. They started talking about various other books and authors. Rachana realized that Ashim did not fit the typical description of a back bencher. From the way he talked, she got the impression that he was a book worm.

After talking about the books for few minutes the topic shifted to few physics problems that their teacher had given them the day before. Rachana said that the problems were very difficult and she was unable to solve. Ashim told her that those problems were very easy and he had solved them all. Rachana was surprised that a back bencher who always came to class late says that he can solve those difficult physics problem. She asked him to help her to solve the problems thinking that she would catch his bluff. But to her surprise, he took a pen and paper and started explaining the solution. Ashim was just starting the explanation when their teacher for next class arrived. Ashim said that he would explain it to her after their classes were over.

After the last class of the day, Ashim explained the way to solve the problems in the very easy way with good examples. Rachana was able to solve all the problems. After solving a few, they decided that they had learned enough physics for the day and decided to go home. It was a five-minute walk from their institute to the bus stop and they talked with each other on the way.

In that five minute walk, Rachana learned that Ashim was not interested in engineering but his parents had forced him to take the entrance preparation classes. She also learned that Ashim was interested in physics and wanted to study physics. Ashim learned that Rachana had always wanted to become a computer engineer. When they reached the bus stop they could not believe how fast they reached there. And the rest is history. They are happily getting married to each other, all thanks to that Book.