Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

MYN Routine App by Mohan Singh Bomrel and Yashin Sekh

By Sweekriti Gautam

Picture Courtesy: Sweekriti Gautam

MYN Routine is an android application developed by Yashin Shekh, from batch of 2018, in collaboration with Mohan Singh Bomrel, from batch of 2017, and assisted by Nikita Gautam(design), batch of 2017. The app has not been launched yet because of a few formalities but will launch within this week and can be used by students and teachers alike in DWIT.

DWIT News took some time with the developers for a short interview. Let's read about their experience, struggle and motivation in the course of developing the app.

What was your motivation to create the routine app?

When the college administration forwards our class routine we have to download it and open it on PDF viewer or look at the routine attached on the notice board. Since our routine is constantly changing, this had become a problem. To remove this hassle, we designed the routine app.

How did you proceed to develop the routine app?

I (Yashin Shekh) am the member of the software club. I shared my idea about the routine app with the president of the software club, Subigya Nepal. He suggested me to develop the app in collaboration with Mohan Singh Bomrel as he had also put forward the same idea at the beginning. We then planned for the work in December 2015.


What challenges did you face?

There were a lot of challenges. We had the idea in our mind but we didn't know any framework to develop the application. Subigya Nepal, president of the Software club suggested us to develop the app using an ionic framework. We used the hybrid instead of the native framework. We started our work in February and the deadline was on March 12. The app is 99% completed and we are left with 1% of it.

When will the app release? The app will release within a week for the beta test. What kind of response did you get from the college?

The developers job is to develop the app. We simply developed the routine app for the college. It's the administrator's task to update the routine after they get the app. However, the college administration denied updating new routines into the app. So we have to download it from the mail and update it ourselves.

Do you have any future plan for this app?

Our current version works only in android lollipop. We are planning to make it compatible with other versions of android as well as for non- android platforms.