Sat, 20 Apr, 2024


Hope you have a good day. / Hope you are having a good day. / Hope you’ve had a good day.

Decision. I needed to decide which sentence to put out there. But as I couldn’t and I absolutely didn’t have to decide which one too put out there, I put all three of them there. This one was easy. But it’s too bad that the decisions people need to take aren’t as simple or easy or even fair. Wait! In decisions, there isn’t an “or” at all. So, let me rephrase the sentence. “But it’s too bad that the decisions people need to take aren’t as simple.”?

Decisions are never easy. For any decision you take, there are always decisions you could’ve taken. And those decisions were all better in some way than the decision you took. Whether the decision you took was in anger or frustration, in tranquillity or serenity, in haste or in delay, it was your decision to take. And now that you have taken the decision, you do not have the luxury or the agony of having to weigh your options anymore.

Decisions are daunting. Well, the decision for vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream certainly isn’t. (To the kid waiting on the counter of the ice cream parlor, “Sorry.”). But most decisions aren’t that small. The decisions we, as young adults, now have to take will take our lives in different directions completely. And these directions will be so different that between two neighbours who had been waving ‘good morning’ to each other for years, one will be asleep in one part of the world while the other will just to waking up in the other part of the world.

‘Decisions’, the topic has been written on thousands of time. Most people say, make decisions based on what the heart wants. But say that to the couple who fought the world to have an inter-caste marriage only to realize after they have won that they just love the idea of each other. Most people also say, make calculated decisions. But say that to the person who followed quit music school to become a banker and now cannot play the instrument his heart yearns to hear because he is so out of practise.

Decisions are just that. Decisions. You are not the first one taking that. Nor are you the only one taking that decision. Just think, the entire people in your batch (maybe it be 8 or 800) decided to enter the same college in the same year out of thousands of other choices. For some it was the best decisions, for some it was a satisfactory decision and for some, it wasn’t a good decision. For those who made the best decision congratulations. For those who are okay with their decisions, you’ll be okay, don’t worry. And for those who didn’t make a good decision, you aren’t the first one who made an error in this decision and you certainly aren’t the only one.

Decisions sometimes..No. most times, need to be taken by consulting someone. You need assurance that you are making the right decision and assurance that you won’t be alone after you have taken the decision that you think is right. But in the end, they are your decisions to take. However difficult decisions are, they are still yours to take. Do not let anyone else take your decisions. Because letting someone else decide will be even worse than taking the wrong one. Why? Because if you let someone else decide, you’ve given the control of your happiness and sadness, your fortune and misfortune to someone other than yourself. And it is not their life to live. It’s yours. It is always yours.

Decisions. Whatever decision you’ve taken, the only way to look now is forward. Look forward. Straight ahead. Look forward to the happiness that the decision will bring you. Look forward to the obstacles that you will kick right in the butt. Look forward to the feeling of triumph after overcoming the demons in your way. And if right now you cannot see forward because of the darkness around you, remember the line from a song that was probably copied from somewhere else, “After darkness comes the dawn.” And we all know that dawn is indeed beautiful.