Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Priceless Love

By Sweekriti Gautam

Picture Courtesy: Neesha Dhungana

John was a diligent and hardworking person. Even though he was the only son of a millionaire, he never showed off. He lived a simple life. He fell in love with a girl who was, in contrast, from a poor family. John was already in his late 20s, an ideal age to get married. So, his parents found him a rich bride and told him to marry her. John was not happy with this decision. He was furious that his parents had arranged something like this without his consent. He said, "I don't care for money at all! I don't want to marry someone I barely know. I  want to marry a girl with a beautiful heart and whom I love dearly."

John had to reveal the truth to his parents that he loved a girl who was from a poor family. His mom asked him with anxiety in her voice," Who is she? Why have you not mentioned her before?". He replied, "She's our maid Sally. I didn't tell you this because I knew you would never approve of us." That reply from her son really got to her nerves. She could not control herself and immediately fired the maid.

Even though Sally left the house, John could not forget her. So, his dad gave him two options either to forget her or to leave the house. Ever since Sally left the house, he could not do anything and his life had become dull and meaningless. He realized that it was better to leave the house and make a future together with Sally. As John was from a rich family, he always had to maintain his standards and had to think twice before doing anything. That's why almost every decision of his life was taken by his dad.

After he left his home and went to live with Sally, he was full of life again. He used to get happiness from very common and small things that she used to do for him. John had never felt this alive and this excited ever in his life before. So, he knew it was the right decision to leave all his luxury and family rather than to leave Sally. They started to live in a small cottage in the countryside. Even though they didn't have a luxurious life, their love was enough for them to live happily. One day, his mom visited them. She firmly asked John to return home. John said, "Mom, I used to have pies and slept on feather beds feeling so empty inside. But here, I eat black bread and sleep on straw beds, but I've never felt so alive and so free ever in my life. I've realized that back at home, I didn't get the love and freedom that I needed to be happy. But, today I am very happy because I have got my love and freedom to live my life my way".

Although each and every one of us strive towards a successful and luxurious live, we must never forget that love is the most precious thing in the world and cannot be replaced by anything else, even fortune.