Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Message To The Broken Hearts

By Rojina Shrestha

To all the people whose hearts are broken, and to all those sad creatures that are sad for not finding the person of their life.


First of all, do you all know what love is? The thing you feel, is that love?? How can you label some feeling with being in “love”? We need nobody to make us happy, happiness comes from ourselves and no one is born to make us happy nor sad. Some people do make us feel that way but that is just for an instance or so. You are the person you should care about. Right now you might be reading different love quotes and checking out photos of those happy couples or listening to sad songs and all those cliched stuff. Stop doing it.

Love is not everything. You are everything. You don’t have to make yourself sad because of some other person, your mood and feelings do not have to depend upon others. No one has the right to make you unhappy, no one has the right to let you down, and no one has the right to rip your heart apart. Just walk away. Heartbreaks are terrible, but the worst is letting yourself suffer from it and letting people humiliate you. Love’s never blind, you become too blind to see the truth about love. You could just have walked away if you’d respected your feeling. But it is not your fault, there comes a point when you realize that you were dumb the whole time and now no more, you need to walk away.

Don’t go back if the other person comes crying to you, don’t be a blinded fool. If they wanted you before, they would have never let you go. There is no second chance in life, once you are broken, don’t get back to be broken again. No one can guarantee you the second chance will be good. Cry, which is how you let your anger, heartbreak come out. But the next time, make sure that you won’t be crying for same reason.

Look around yourself, there are so many people who want to see you smile, who get sad when you cry. Don't break their heart by crying. Everything starts with you, all your happiness and all your sadness. So remember, you are in charge of what you feel. Sometimes you cannot control your feelings but there is always a way to control them. Smile, because it brightens up someone's day.

And to those people who are sad for not having the right person in their lives, there are people falling for you, they just don’t say it. But you are awesome anyway with some friends and with yourself. You don't need someone to make yourself happy and to share your feelings, look around, explore and you’ll find people who’ll listen to you.

PS: Love yourself first. Don’t be a sad soul