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It was the battle of the beasts. Undisputed champion Connor McGregor was to face Nate Diaz on March 5, 2016 at the UFC 196 inside MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The stakes were high because the aggression of both the fighters were uniform and it could be anyone’s game.

McGregor, being a feather weight champion, decided to ameliorate himself into welterweight division. He was successful and it helped elevate his superstar status but regardless of all the weight divisions, Nate Diaz was determined to stop the dominance of McGregor.

The fight of the beast kicked off. The aggression on both the fighter’s faces reflected that they were there, not to win, but to kill each other. The fight began and McGregor stroked first with a left hand but Diaz created a diversion and cornered his enemy to the fence. Despite the height advantages, McGregor created a separation and a series of punches landed between them.

Though Diaz clearly had the height advantage, McGregor was not at much of a disadvantage, with his aggressive strikes, speed and athleticism. His punches were dangerous and brutal which were strong enough to cut Diaz. Diaz was successful to score a take down at the end of the round, but McGregor ultimately rolled over. McGregor won the first round.

The second round started and it was a bloody one. Though McGregor was showing dominance, he started to get weak and Diaz, taking advantage of it, threw some punches at him. Both the opponent’s aggression and strikes made this a bloody match. McGregor planned to play a tactic. He decided to make his enemy weak by letting him throw some punches, but the strategy overturned and McGregor was caught in a submission in which “The Notorious” tapped out.

It was a great shock for the McGregor fans. It was also a great upset in the UFC history and also to Connor, himself. The man who people thought to be unbeatable was defeated by the almighty Diaz. McGregor in a press conference said that it was him who is to be blamed and has promised to returned back and take back his position as the king of UFC.