Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

Selfie Craze Can Be Dangerous

By Sweekriti Gautam

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One of the most trending thing in our daily lives is taking selfies. Selfies are taken using a digital camera or a camera phone held on the hand or a selfie stick. Posing for a selfie may seem appealing to many but it can also be dangerous.  Most of the people take the selfie to show off certain things or activities they may be doing. Since the last few years, selfies have resulted in a large number of deaths worldwide. Deaths due to selfie have been increasing day by day. The most common deaths that occur while taking selfies include falling from hills, buildings, stairs, bridges and trains, mishandling of weapons while taking a selfie, drowning, collisions and crashes.

Recently, a girl fell into the Narayani river while taking a selfie with her friend in Chitwan. On February 28, 2016, Smita Gyawali of Gaindakot Nawalparasi was hanging out on the river banks of the Narayani river with her six other companions. She went to take a selfie with her friend Namrata Sapkota on the bank of the river to capture the river on the background. Namrata slipped off the stone and fell into the river. Smita dived to save her. A local rescued Namrata but could not find Smita. Even though it is prohibited to take selfies on the river banks, sitting on big stones, people choose to ignore it.

The deaths due to the selfie are found mostly to be of teenagers as they have the biggest craze of it. "Be trendy" is the motto of this generation of people. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. all the social networking sites are dominated by selfies. Most of the teenagers like to take a selfie which is unique or dangerous to get the attention of most of the people and to become famous on the social networks. Such a selfie may also result to be a life taking one.  It is a good idea to follow the current trend by taking selfies. But, it is necessary to keep in mind about the place and safety while taking  it. Taking selfies by staying on a safe side can always prove to be a good memory.