Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Listening to songs

By Suraj Regmi

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One of the facts about our mind is that everything we hear or see programs it. A child who was constantly being called dumb will grow up thinking he really is dumb. A person who was always told that he can’t succeed will never succeed and a person who watches comedy movies tends to be more optimistic. So what happens if we listening to same songs repeatedly? It surely can change us.

There are millions of songs and we sure don’t listen to every single one of them. But we surely play a certain one more than once. We like that song so much that we keep listening to them and singing until the next one kicks in. Watching series and movies more than once can be a little boring but listening music is not an option as listening repeatedly makes us more connected to the music. Some of us love to listen to chorus repeatedly, some of us love to listen to bridges and transitions and that ultimately depends upon our musical background and personality.

Have you ever noticed words of your favorite song and try to find the messages it contain? The songs we listen to is no more than suggestions and messages accompanied by music. These suggestions can both be harmful and helpful. When we are busy doing certain tasks listening to music, the lyrics goes all into the subconscious mind without being filtered by the conscious mind. So if we listen to music containing 5 evil messages 10 times a day, it literally means we are exposing ourselves to 50 negative messages every day.

If that’s true then should we avoid listening to music? –Hell NO!! Listening to songs can be a recovery for the ones who just broke up, or the ones missing their family. It can be a source of entertainment and pleasure for many. Of course selection of song is necessary. Listening Master of puppets, a broken up heart may feel irritated, listening to country music I may feel irritated, listening to Hello, a joyful heart may feel depressed and so on. So enjoy the music and don’t let the negative ideas get into your mind as it may always not be true.

We may not find a successful, self-motivated person who does not listen to music. Self-motivated person also needs motivation which the songs provide. So select and listen to songs wisely because whatever you hear or see repeatedly programs your mind and so affects your life directly.