Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Best Time I Ever Had

By Ashmita Thapa

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Like many teenagers, I occasionally get a bout of insomnia. This particular night, though, I couldn't fall asleep. I unlocked my phone. It was 2 a.m. and my battery was critically low. It felt like I had an infinite amount of time. They say beyond 2 a.m. is the time when poets and writers rule the world. Maybe it was the magic of 2 a.m., I imagined me having the ability to control people's minds. Well, then again, maybe it was because I had been watching David Tennant's memorizing performance as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones for 3 hours straight.

Next morning, I still wanted to have the ability to control people’s minds. So, I googled if mind control really existed. All my excitement faded away when I didn’t find anything related to magic and mind control. However, serious brain-washing could be done. This discouraged me. I needed a cup of coffee but was too lazy to get off the bed. So, I asked my little brother to make me a cup of coffee. To my surprise, he actually got up and made me one. I was dumbfounded by his action because he’d never done anything for me without a little bribe. Then I asked him to make me an omelet. He agreed again. Now I was seriously mad because he was messing with me. I felt like he was making fun of my failure at “mind controlling”.

It was 7 in the morning so I got ready for college. I was running late so I had to pack my things hurriedly and get going. When I entered the gate, the guard asked me about my ID. I thought of messing with him because I’d forgotten to bring it. I told him I was wearing one. Surprisingly, he said, “Oh! Yes, you’re wearing it. Why did I not see it before?”  I giggled out loud. Now I realized the real power I had within me. I went to the class and the teacher entered 5 minutes early. However, I had always wanted to mess with my teachers so I asked him why he was 30 minutes late. He then apologized for being late. I must admit that it was fun, controlling people like that. I enjoyed it a little more than I probably should not have. The whole day I just kept ordering people around. I felt like I was the supreme. I could make anyone do anything. My personal favorite part of the day was when I, along with all my classmates, went to a pizza parlor and ate our fill and left without paying a penny. It was probably my best day ever in college just until the point where my mom unfortunately woke me up in the morning.

No more Jessica Jones at 2 a.m for me then. :D