Fri, 24 May, 2024

VIP CREW Creates Platform in DWIT

By Iris Raj Pokharel

Photo Courtesy: Iris Raj Pokharel

VIP (Vaxo, Iris, Pyare) crew has created a new platform for entertainment in Deerwalk Institute of Technology. This crew of three members has been working on creating different kinds of videos that helps in refreshing the moods of people. They are inspired from seniors of the college who have been achieving perfection in the field of movie making. Wondering how it all started? Since college students have a hectic schedule, great work pressure and they don’t get enough time to enjoy or cherish, keeping this thing in focus, Pema (Vaxo), the initiator thought of creating videos with two concepts. One would have very short stories about rivalry and the other one which featuring the feud among two people like Tom and Jerry. With this thing in mind, Pema approached Abhisekh, who would play the role of Pyare and Iris who would play a same named character.

The release of the first video, i.e. “Pyare Don vs Iris bhai”, showed positive response in social media as the views reached over 250 within an hour in various Facebook groups. With the success of their first video, the morale of the crew members grew. And hence they worked on creating videos such as “Pyare Vs Iris(1)”, Pyare Vs Iris (2)”, “Pyare vs iris: Dance edition”, “Pyare: thug life edition”, “VIP crew special Valentine Video”, “Iris Vs Pyare: Flash edition” and so on. And with the good response from the viewers and students from DWIT, VIP crew has promised of bringing up more videos that will surely help the people to enjoy few good moments from the hectic schedule. The sowing of seed has been done and many good shots from various people are certain, the crew believes. VIP crew has been working as an inspiration to many other beginners who have keen interest in videography.