Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Deadpool Movie Review

By Ashmita Thapa

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Let me start off by saying that I’m not a big movie fanatic. I watch a lot of TV shows but not a lot of movies. Especially the “Superhero” movies by Marvel or DC which all seem repetitive to me. When Marvel announced the release of “Deadpool”, the hype around the news was so huge even among-st us Nepalese people, that I just had to watch it for myself. However, given my past awful experiences watching Marvel movies, I wasn’t expecting much different from this one to be honest. I still remember the time when I somehow let one of my friends convince me to watch “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron”. I didn’t enjoy it at all. So I was expecting the same in this case.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, I did enjoy “Deadpool” very much. The actor Ryan Reynolds who plays Deadpool is basically made for that role. For the first time, I felt like this was a Superhero movie that not only geeks but everyone could enjoy. Although it has plenty of gory scenes and thrilling action, the backstory of how Deadpool came to be was pretty amazing. The humor in this movie is incredible. I never thought I would be laughing out loud watching a guy in a red suit beat up people. I think what makes this movie so unique is that Deadpool is the first superhero that doesn’t really care about being a hero. He doesn’t play by the rules. He is invincible and he knows it well. That aloof and bipolar character is what makes this movie such a delight.  Aside from that I really loved the character Ajax- the super villain in this movie.

To summarize, “Deadpool” is littered with irony, pop-culture satire, dark humor, and a lot of died out jokes that Ryan Reynolds brings life back into. Deadpool is both the hero and the villain at times and he always gets out of tricky situations with his amazing energy and his powers of course, however, he never forgets to make the audience laugh even after a brutal death or a sad flashback about his past.

So for those people who don’t care for Marvel movies or action films, I think there would be any harm in trying out “Deadpool”. You might really enjoy it much like I did and if you don’t, you’ll know that there is nothing that Marvel could come up with that would make you want to watch it right away.