Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Pashupati Prasad: REVIEW

By Nisha Dhungana

Image source: Pashupatinath temple, which is considered a major temple of Hindus, comprises many stories in and around its premises. “Pashupati Prasad” is able to beautifully portray the life of people whose day to day living is completely dependent upon the Pashupatinath's surroundings. The story line and characters are connected together by the main character “Pashupati Prasad”. Pashupati Prasad Khakurel is a young boy of Sindhupalchowk who lost his parents in a major earthquake. He is in Kathmandu to release a loan from his father’s head so that his parents soul could rest in heaven. He is typical village boy whose values does not include cheating, robbing or stealing. He wants to earn money on his own. He lives in a small room with his father’s friend. On his way of making a room for his parents in heaven he makes friends, earns enemies, get betrayed and falls in love. The story has many characters like a man who wears mask like “Hanuman” and takes pictures with people to earn money, Pashupati’s father’s friend who earns money by burning the dead bodies, “Bhasme” who is don of collecting the coins from Bagmati River, Gangsters around the temples, man who sells food on the street to earn money in spite of having bachelor’s degree on English, old women who was abandoned by her own children and lives in old age home in Pashupatinath temple and a college girl who lives with her wealthy parents. The movie has been able to touch the heart of people by natural acting of characters, sensitive story, well known locations and story of people who are generally ignored by common people. Without advocating about religion and without touching the spiritual part of Pashupatinath, the movie depicts the powerful story of livelihood around the temple. Life and death, dreams and hopes, achievement and disappointment every aspects gets portrayed in the movie. I personally, feel it is the must watch movie and can tell the money is worth spending in movies like Pashupati Prasad.