Welcome to the Graveyard

Beneath the full moon sky

With dark clouds chanting the magic spell

The cadaverous wind echoing with the bark of dogs.

Dead silence burns in the chilling laughter with the howl of wolves

Thunderbolt and lightning tear the surrounding movement with a message from hell

we now in the midst of night have come to rule

spells from a silhouette script making us powerful

lucifer is so cruel welcome to our community of homes paved with stones hard

where the people fear to roam around even in broad daylight

welcome to the graveyard


Zenith lies much far in the sky above

we sit searching for our souls mourning in our graves

Angel whispers to me  ” Thy body ain’t alive”

The damned angel is crucified with my livid eye

The nightmare is warmly welcomed in the sky

sacrifice the lives of infected, they shall plead in hell

Ignite their rotten souls in the flame where the Reaper guards

We sacrifice the sinners in the silence of dark Hail to the holy place where we belong where the priests of Hades comes for salvation

and the rest are offered as immolation

Join us, for thee shall remain eternally forever

welcome to the graveyard


Join us, Living dormant in thy home is absurd

Welcome to the graveyard


The genocidal world shall soon fall to me

Burning Hell is the last thing you can see

Join us and be slave for us eternally is your last key

everyone is left to crucify

and my next victim is thee

Join us and master the forces of Satan Welcome to the graveyard

our home is for slaving our enemies

welcome to the graveyard.

About Author:
Saurav Karki is BBA undergrad at Nepal Commerce Campus, Tribhuvan University. Cool, Frank, Freaky, none of these words have enough power to describe him. At his best, he is a photographer, who explores the wonders of nature as a profound traveler. His interests include Accountancy, Music, Social services and reading Literatures. He writes, when his heart provokes him, thus hurls his pen relative with the paper.