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One Question

  • DWIT Surpasses Expectations From Class of 2020

    I had thought DWIT is a college where we learn about technologies but eventually after starting college, I learned to use technologies as per the surrounding requirement i.e. the use of technology even to eat/get food (Deerwalk Food System). It showed how mildly technology is used in day-to-day Deerwalk life.

  • IT4D, One Question

    During the IT4D conference, held on 31st July, 2016, the DWIT News interviewed some of the guests. They were asked the question “How do you liked the program so far? How can the program […]

  • Major Problems Of Kathmandu

    Major Problems Of Kathmandu

    Let us hear what local residents of Kathmandu valley have to say about the major problem/s they have been facing. What is one of the main problem that you have faced or seen in […]

  • Valentine’s Day- Video Review

    Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam When the word valentine is mentioned we think about cards, roses and romance. But is that all there is to it? Valentine’s had a bitter story of the Roman priest […]