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  • A Letter to My Past Self

    A Letter to My Past Self

    If I could improve one particular thing for your future self, it would be learning how to cook. I am not really good at cooking but let me tell you it is very important when you find yourself in a situation where you are very hungry and everyone in your family is out. So, please learn how to cook delicious and healthy food for yourself.

  • Clouds of Mesmerisation

    Clouds of Mesmerisation

      Thus fades my loneliness, Thus fades my insomnia, Lunacy I guess, Through the clouds of mesmerisation I have my jest A sole healing, for your askance O’ the clouds of mesmerization Can you […]

  • My Home and My Memories

    “Amun, don’t torture your sister. Stop calling her names. “ “Amun, stop playing ball indoors.” “Amun, don’t play guitar after 10.” “Amun, don’t ever forget us keep us close to your heart. We love […]

  • Just You Wait

    I am in the hall trying to get to my class as fast as I can; not because I was late but because of the anger that I was hiding or at least trying […]

  • Colosseum


    I am a schooled fighter, Contracted to my master. Spear and gladius incites my name, Gladiator! you thrive my name.   You visualize my blow of dragger and scutum, Till my foe goes numb. […]

  • Curse of Your Blood

    I am supernatural, Mutated from dawn. A failure of god’s creation, A vampire, fear holds my name. From my grave I roam around after dusk, Lust of your blood My survival, I need the […]