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  • Warm Bodies: Movie Review

    Photo Courtesy: Sweekriti Gautam “Warm Bodies” is a zombie themed comedy romance. It is directed by Jonathan Lewin staring Nivholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Joph Malkovich and Analegin Tipton. Nicholas Hoult plays a zombie who […]

  • Love Catalyst: A  Book

    Love Catalyst: A Book

    Ashim and Rachana are very happy today. Why would they not be? They are getting married. They are perfect for each other. The credit for bringing these “made for each other” together goes to […]

  • Movie Review: Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

    Picture Courtesy: youtube.com Dogs have been recognized as human companions since the beginning of time. They have been adored and celebrated for their loyalty ever since. There are very few sights more pleasing than […]

  • The Prestige: Movie Review

    Picture Courtesy: google.com One of the best Christopher Nolan’s presentation, the prestige was a gem of a movie depicting the life of two magicians. This movie had everything in it except prestige itself because […]

  • Book Review Of The Month: PhirPhire

    Book Review Of The Month: PhirPhire

    Since, I am Nepali novel reader, “PhirPhire” was the most awaited novel for me. When the writer announced the release date of this book, I was really excited wanted to buy the book once […]

  • Taxi Driver: Movie for The Week End

    Photo Courtesy: http://aworldoffilm.com/2013/12/16/taxi-driver-martin-scorsese-1976/ So a couple of weeks back, I saw a movie starring Robert de Niro, “Taxi Driver”. This Martin Scorsese-directed movie follows the story of a war veteran who works as a cab […]