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  • Morning, Noon and Night: Book Review

    The author of this book, Sidney Sheldon, relished in his art of capturing his reader's minds from the start of the book to the finish. The book starts off with the introduction to Harry Stanford, a billionaire and business tycoon and how he managed to be such a big success coming from a middle-class family. As the story progresses Harry dies leaving his immense wealth to three of his children, two sons Tyler and Woodrow Stanford, and a daughter Kendall Stanford.

  • Movie Review: Logan

    It not only marks the end of an era of the original X-men but also helps us perceive the new and emotional side of Wolverine. Adding to that, it would be a shame not to watch Wolverine in action for one last time.

  • Why FRIENDS is My Favourite Series?

    I miss the characters- their craziness, their friendship, the harmony which makes me want to watch it all over again and I feel that after watching it for the second time too, I would not feel bored but rather enjoy watching it again.

  • The Host – Movie Review

    Overall the movie just scratched the surface of the different conflicts of the book and the most important and exciting events were left out. Without the action and story that it needed to be a good science fiction film, The Host, instead, was more of a mind-numbing movie with no particular genre to define it.

  • The Interstellar – Movie Review

    Photo Source: Reddit Interstellar is a science fiction movie co-written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie is about a team of astronauts who are on a mission to a mysterious wormhole to […]

  • Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

    Picture Courtesy: www.wallpapersxl.com “A Beautiful Mind” is a biographical movie based on the novel, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ by Sylvia Nasar. This is a movie based on John Nash’s life who is a Nobel laureate […]