What Was the Best Performance of Deer Utsav-2.0?


Deer Utsav-2.0 was conducted in the college premises for the very first time on Sunday 13th March, 2016. Many of the students were not satisfied with this decision of the administration. However, the program went smoothly and was better than expected. There were many outstanding modern and cultural performances which grasped the audience’s attention. The DWIT News Club asked a few of the students about their favorite performances of the day. These were their answers:

Pratibh Aacharya- Batch 2015

Drama” Tiger Walk”

Saurav Bhandari- Batch 2019

Drama “Tiger Walk”

Bidish Acharya- Batch 2016

Drama “Tiger Walk”

Yunish Shakya- Batch 2018

Drama “Tiger Walk”

Bipin Paudel-Batch 2017

Maruni Dance

Mahan Adhikari-Batch 2019

Performance by Dipesh

Anil Parajuli-Batch 2016

Drama “Tiger Walk”

Sanjay Rajbansi- Deer walk Constructions

Newari dance and Yaani Maya

 Hitesh Karki- Administration staff

Performance by Dipesh

Surakshya Thapa-Batch 2019

Performance by Dipesh

 Prabin Thapaliya- Administration staff

Performance by Dipesh and Bhojpuri dance

 Samjhana Pokhrel- Administration staff

Bhojpuri and Maruni dance

Anyways, it is their personal perspective to define the best but all the performances were equally awesome. At last, we should remember that if we are together we can rock such  programs in coming days too.