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  • Stop Trying to be Happy

    A happy man doesn’t wonder if he is happy, just like a confident man who doesn’t wonder if he is confident. People often mistake happiness for pleasure. They seek happiness in parties, watching TVs, […]

  • NMB to Provide Education Loan

    Photo Courtesy: Suraj Prasai On Friday, August 12, Upendra Poudel, CEO of NMB Bank and Bishnu Prasad Sharma, Chairman of Himalaya College signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the regard that NMB Bank […]

  • When My Mobile Vibrates

    When my mobile vibrates…………….. These days everyone has a mobile. From the beggars to the upper echelons of human society, all have a mobile. And we students are no exception!! Since we attend classes, […]

  • Why is Africa so Thirsty?

    Picture Courtesy: Youtube.com Africa with numerous lakes and rivers can be said as a continent rich in its water resources yet the WHO says over 40 % of the African’s population still do not […]


    Photo Courtesy: www.travelblog.com A man lost in thought, under the light drizzling rain, a bit nostalgic look on his face, seems to remember his past. He had faced nearly 29 monsoons till now. The […]

  • REVIEW: The Weather Channel

    Picture Courtesy:DWIT News The weather channel is an app that provides current weather conditions at searched locations. We can search by entering a city name or zip code into a locations field at the […]

  • Life like A Headphone

    Picture Courtesy: forbes.com Life is complicated, isn’t it? But what makes it so? When we were born, we were unaware. We did anything we liked without any restrictions or thoughts about the consequences. So […]