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  • Suicide is Not a Choice

    Suicide - Is it just me or is the word as haunting as its meaning? Dying has always been a scary thing for me and reaching a point where you’re ready to kill yourself is more than terrifying.

  • Movie Review: Logan

    It not only marks the end of an era of the original X-men but also helps us perceive the new and emotional side of Wolverine. Adding to that, it would be a shame not to watch Wolverine in action for one last time.

  • The Debate of Net Neutrality

    Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers and government regulating the internet should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking products or websites.

  • Vampire Obsession

    Every misfit, awkward, outsider, more-or-less the majority of teenagers want to retain abilities like vampires to fit in and to escape at the same time. So we see, teenagers are sucked into such vampire fandom, enjoying themselves by escaping into the beauty and art of the vampire culture.

  • The Host – Movie Review

    Overall the movie just scratched the surface of the different conflicts of the book and the most important and exciting events were left out. Without the action and story that it needed to be a good science fiction film, The Host, instead, was more of a mind-numbing movie with no particular genre to define it.