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  • Rally In Support Of Dr. Govinda K.C.

    Photo Source: Biveksil Nepali A large group of people gathered at Maitighar Mandala to support Dr. Govinda K.C. There were supporters from Biveksil Nepali Party, and different other organizations like Nyano Sansar, KU department […]

  • Dream Inside a Dream

    Dream Inside a Dream

    She didn’t know whether her decision was right or wrong. “But who cares? Do what your heart says, and all will be well.” She thought to herself. She couldn’t live with her parents anymore, […]

  • Happy Ending With News Club

    Picture Courtesy: Shila Parajuli First of all, I would like to thank Menosh, who suggested me to join DWIT News Club. On a personal note, news club wasn’t just limited to writing and posting […]

  • Being Twins

    Photo Courtesy: DWIT News We were in same belly for nine months. We are two bodies representing a soul. My childhood started with her and I desire my life to end with hers. People […]

  • Change in Food Habit

    Picture Courtesy: Sneha Parajuli Food habit is basically a routine that we follow to fill our stomach. A good food habit plays a vital role in development of an individual. Good foods include naturally […]

  • Practices of Women Empowerment

    Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam Women empowerment has been one of the topics of concern in context of Nepal. Women empowerment is basically empowering women through every possible means, making them capable to face any […]

  • Life Without Fuel

    Picture Courtesy: DWIT News I really hate strikes. Why only me? Haha..I know it’s not ONLY ME! Everyone hates it when one’s country is entirely dependent on neighboring country for everything from “nun to […]

  • Sinus and Me

    Sinus and Me

    I could not give my exams. Yes, the reason was not because I was in a hurry to return home in this difficult situation of the country. I could not attend exams simply due […]

  • Thoughts on Ongoing Practices

    Photo: People burning the effigy of Modi as a sign of protest Photo Courtesy: Shila Parajuli I was inside hospital and I heard something really weird. Then I took a look out of the […]

  • Opinion on #BackOffIndia

    Picture By: DWIT News It’s not for the first time that India is interfering on Nepal’s matter. Five months back, Twitter was filled with #GoHomeIndianMedia. And now, yet another tweet on Twitter by Sandesh […]