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  • Solitude


    When the moon mourns, The light fades, And the dreams haunts back again, A wanderer, Revisits his clouding mind Covered by the mist of estrangedness.   He -The seeker of truth, -Weary of his […]

  • Counting Days

    Counting Days

    Six days, And I’ve been thinking of you – So vivid – So poignant, Like never before.   I rambled through different places, Visited many of my friends, Even did weed and alcohol But […]

  • Standing Between Physics and Poetry

    Standing Between Physics and Poetry

    Darling, you’ve made me The terrorist of poetry. It was you from where my lines started, And I roamed through Natural, Supernatural, Love, Romance, Philosophy, I came across everything, Just to find you’re gone. […]

  • Go Away – Lovely Rose

    Go Away – Lovely Rose

    Go away- lovely rose, Tell her not to haunt me again. I don’t want the same flame burn me twice. Go, lovely rose- Tell her- Her memories are wasting my time And deteriorating her […]

  • Lullaby For You

    Lullaby For You

    Lay your sleeping head, On my faithful arms, My love For my pen has brought you Close enough to me. You’re only gone But not forgotten. So rest your sleeping head.   Through the […]

  • Paranoia


    Her words, Have left the scars And have deranged the veins, Inducing the paranoia And leaving me transfused Into her ever gauging eyes. I’ve gone slow in the past Sinking down bitterly stiffened.   […]

  • The Nature

    The Nature

    It’s been raining since last night. The news is reporting, Of flood everywhere, And the climatologists, Have termed it as the highest rainfall of the year. Is it just a coincidence? Or, even nature […]

  • Bridal Ballad

    Bridal Ballad

    The clock strikes twelve And the downpour bursts When the long preserved faith Gets stained by rust The naked rays of moon Like the explosion of fireworks Mocks me for losing the senses Over […]

  • On Your Marriage

    On Your Marriage

    Today you’re gonna be married, And, I can see you- Vividly, How have you been?   The scattering yellowish rays of the dawn, When kisses you, You shall be awake but lazy in your […]

  • Spartacus


    A Thracian by birth, And once a roman soldier, Was deserted and later, Enslaved as a gladiator. A heavyweight Murmillo, Charmed by his Gladius and Scutum, He was the slave leader Spartacus.   70 […]