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  • The Search for Peace

    The Search for Peace

    All works put on a halt, No! A person can’t be happy, When his soul has lost its vibes, With no signs, Of being connected again.   For, Five days- I traveled through Boudha, […]

  • On Defining Her by Physics

    On Defining Her by Physics

    The Physicists, Have always been haunted by the time. Time- The ultimate singularity, In their equations.   Years back, I once attempted, A vain attempt. I ran in search for an equation And a […]

  • Silent Accord

    Silent Accord

    The fall of dreams, The fall of hopes, The fall of visions, The fall of breath, The fall of light, The fall of senses, The fall of intimacy, The fall of eternity, There’s a […]

  • Monsoon


    The pair of oceanic eyes, Welled up with rain, Is stricken by a nostalgic lightning. Some thunderbolts are abstract, Can only be felt, By the observer himself, But it paves the way for a downpour. […]

  • The Watch

    The Watch

    Three long needles Morning, Day, and Night Knowingly They tease you For every breath you take. Each rush, to push the another In a cycle of infiniteness.   Do they know? Chained to a […]

  • The Photograph

    The Photograph

    The timid rainbow, The fainting clouds, The green meadow, The sprawling branches of the oak tree, The humming crickets, The peeping dusk, The radiant smile, But, with her silence They all lie dormant. Now, […]

  • Gravity: The Clock Master

    Gravity: The Clock Master

    Every mass hurls, It’s your sole effect. The light bends, The time slows. Your beauty lies in your singularity, Where all great minds get doomed. Knowingly, They must face the fate you choose, Including […]

  • The Cradle and the Grave

    The Cradle and the Grave

    From the every drop of flame, A lifeless river gets ignited. Nature blows the life. Then, winding through the mist covered paradise, Cradling a long in the heights of milky mountains, The voyage of […]

  • The Full Moon

    The Full Moon

    Alarming the dusk, Piercing the darkness, She rises silently.   Stealing the beauty from eyes, Scanning the dreams, She takes you to the wonderland.   Accelerating the heartbeat, Enraging the soul, She bears the […]

  • Thoughts for Quitting Cigarette

    Thoughts for Quitting Cigarette

    Once some wise men said, “Few cigarettes a day, Keeps your stress away”. I followed them immediately. Hence, my journey began, With now almost a decade gone.   Compulsory with the tea, Mandatory after […]