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  • Nevertheless


    With the heavy downpour in the sky, roaring at night Enlighten colors of imaginative rainbow teasing me, making me shy Cadaverous wind blowing past me And the beatings from my heart with it’s rhyme […]

  • Assassinated Dream

    Assassinated Dream

    Why does your memory heal my pain? Why does your image make my eyes rain? Why does your name alert me even in my sleep? An assassinated dream of being with you forever All […]

  • Hail Heisenberg Uncertainty

    Hail Heisenberg Uncertainty

    Thou! “Lucretia in my Comos” Nevertheless, thy silence I get stoned and Differentiated Aye, I’ve got Quantized When thy photon caresses me with Vengence Gravitational Time Dilation Starts Inside me Halt! “O’ my holy […]