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  • On Cloud Nine

    On Cloud Nine

    The insanity in the roses, The insanity in the rainbow, The insanity in the clouds, The insanity in the winds, The insanity in the dusk, The insanity in the dreams, The insanity in you, […]

  • The Lady with The Mask

    The Lady with The Mask

    Down on the Nepal Yatayat, from Koteshwor to Kamaladi, A lady peeked into my bus, and pretending to be unknown, looking like to the sideways, starred at me. Those eyes, I had seen somewhere, […]

  • The Gift

    The Gift

      Gun Metal finish- Chronogram, One of the archetype. And the needles began tickling, In the wristwatch. The lady smiled at the watch box, Nonchalantly, And uttered her words “Monkey” No answers I have […]

  • The Auction of Human Mind

    The Auction of Human Mind

    The gravitational wind sheltered in the hair, Dismantles the skull, Then blows inside, Slowly….. And slowly….. The motor nerves watch all the scene. “Did it stopped??…….Did it??…. Oh No!!!!It’s still blowing…… More rapidly……ever precisely…….” […]

  • The Last Bench

    The Last Bench

    The lecturer speaks, “Kronecker Delta…………………” Few smart eyes are popped towards the whiteboard, Few virtuous heads are elevated to an angle of 30 degrees, Few Romeos are trying to impress the girls in front […]

  • Persistence of Silence

    Persistence of Silence

    Already late, I jumped out of the bus, Before it stopped, And hurried to my class, half-a-league away.   As I kicked the door, The statues enjoying the pin drop silence, Starred at me, […]

  • The Decaying Paradise

    The Decaying Paradise

    Nothing to remind, Nothing to lose, Nothing to bind, Nothing to peruse.   He waited the sun at dawn, To spark among the snow, On the hat of mountains. Yes! It did. Nature seldom […]

  • To The Mosquito

    To The Mosquito

    After the amber sunset, Rises the modern Dracula, Which sucks the blood in its innocent way, Leaving me helpless.   It sings, In the vicinity of my ear, With its fast flowing rhyme.   […]

  • Absurdity


    Slowly, Slowly, And slowly, You cripple inside my mind. Now, I’ve closed my books And lit the cigarette. Who is burning whom? Probably, The answer lies in the sublime smoke, Which rises, Carrying the […]